Are you tired of watering your plants manually or worried about wasting water with inefficient irrigation methods? Say goodbye to the hassle and hello to a fun, customised irrigation system designed just for your property!

At Rural and Turf Irrigation, we believe watering your plants should be a joy, not a chore! That’s why we’ve crafted exciting irrigation solutions that cater to properties big and small. Whether you have a cosy backyard oasis or a sprawling estate, we’ve got you covered!

🌱 Customised Designs for Your Dream Landscape: Our expert team will work with you to understand your property’s unique needs and design a tailor-made irrigation system. From smart controllers to zone watering, we ensure efficient water usage and lush greenery all around!

🌊 Pumps that Perform Magic: Our selection of top-notch pumps will work their magic to deliver water where it’s needed most. No more lugging heavy watering cans or dealing with weak water pressure – our pumps will take care of everything!

🎯 Smart Technology for Smart Gardeners: Embrace the future of gardening with our cutting-edge smart irrigation controllers. Set it and forget it! The controllers adjust watering schedules based on weather and soil conditions, so you can sit back and relax!

🌦️ Rain or Shine, We’ve Got You Covered: Our systems come with rain sensors that know when to turn off the water during rainy spells, saving you both water and money. It’s like having a personal weather expert right in your garden!

🌐 Serving All Gardens, Big and Small: No property is too big or small for us! Whether you’re a passionate plant enthusiast or a landscaping aficionado, we’ve got the perfect solution for you.

πŸ’§ Water Conservation Champions: We care about the environment, and our systems are designed with water conservation in mind. It’s not just about a beautiful garden; it’s about preserving nature’s precious resources too!

🏑 Get Started with a Free Quote: Ready to experience the joy of a well-irrigated garden without lifting a finger? Contact us today for a FREE personalised quote! Our friendly team will guide you through the process, answer your questions, and make sure you’re excited about your new irrigation system!

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Don’t let your plants thirst for attention any longer! Let’s make watering fun, efficient, and eco-friendly together! Join the Rural and Turf Irrigation family today! 🌿🌻🌼

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Free Irrigation Design & Quote

Info needed: Address, photos of where you want the lights and what effect you are looking for and location with power that the controller box can be installed.