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We design, pick, pack and deliver ready for you to install. Join our preferred installers group and receive

  • Free Prioritised Design service
  • Free installation leads, we have heaps of customers wanting their systems to be installed for them. 
  • Discounted product across the entire range
  • Updated with the latest technology, products and knowledge to make your life easier.


Hey there, Landscaper!
Do you dream of bigger profits but dread the extra work?
What if you could significantly increase your revenue with just a touch more effort? Sounds too good to be true, right? This video will show you fool proof ways to do just that.
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  • Tailored Designs: Ensuring water flow and power output are balanced, so no over-watering or dry spots. Confidence in each job!

  • One-Stop Shop: We offer everything you need in one box, making your job straightforward.

  • Increased Revenue: Double your business without doubling your effort.

  • Easy Upselling: Use our simple guide to add irrigation & lighting installation to your quotes. More offerings, more profit!

  • Minimal Training Required: We make sure the learning curve is practically a straight line.

  • Competitive Edge: Offer an all-in-one service, making you a hot favorite among luxury property owners.

Rural & Turf Irrigation