Rain Bird Pump Stations

System-Powering Performance and Efficiency.

Rain Bird applies our world-leading irrigation expertise to the design and manufacture of golf pump stations and filters. As part of a fully integrated Rain Bird irrigation system, these pump stations bring real-time response to your pump, monitoring the operation of the pump and maximizing flow throughout the irrigation cycle. You’ll get reduced water use, lower energy costs and less wear and tear on your pump station.

Designed for Durability
Rain Bird® pump stations and filters are built to the highest quality standards. Whether it’s a sophisticated suppression system that reduces the risk of electronic component damage or a durable polyester powder coating that protects the appearance of your investment, these pumps and filters offer enduring performance.

A Fit for Any Environment or Budget
Every Rain Bird pump station is custom built for the specific requirements of your course, offering a variety of options that make it easier to achieve the most efficient performance possible.


Retrofit Pump Station Panels

Replace aging and obsolete panels and components with the latest VFD and PLC technology and touchscreen. Installing a Rain Bird pump station retrofit panel allows Rain Bird Central Control customers to optimize their irrigation system using Rain Bird’s Smart Pump™ software. SmartPump is the only software that integrates the operation of your central control and pump station in real time. Modern panels equipped with circuit breakers allow you to leave behind the hassles of out-dated fuses, reducing downtime and maintenance cost.