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Webster Water Solutions have partnered with Rural and Turf to provide you with customised irrigation, outdoor lighting and instant turf.

Conditions: All designs are based on information provided and are provided when purchasing products to complete. After supplying the information we will create the design and send you quote for supply. We do not provide the details of the design until paid in full. Once paid you will receive a PDF with the full design and details plus a printed version with your products. If you wish to purchase just the design and not the product there will be a fee starting at $157.00 per design.

Uploading Plans

If you have plans of the property and a design of what you would like irrigated, turfed &/or lit, please email direct to 

Please use the full property address as the file name as that will be what we use to name designs. 

We require a scaled drawing with details of the: 

  • Dimensions
  • Where the water source is
  • Where the buildings are
  • Any footpaths, decks, trees etc…
  • Type of watering : ie. garden-bed / lawn / veggie patch

These can be hand drawn as we will re-design using our software. You can also send photo’s if that helps with understanding your design.

Rural & Turf Irrigation

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IMPORTANT: If you are after an irrigation design quote please complete a bucket test for flow rate.


Get the largest bucket you have

Turn tap on full then place bucket under tap and time how long it takes to fill.

Empty and repeat x2 more times.

Do for each tap

Then email us the size of the bucket and the time they took to full for each tap and we will be able to calculate the flow rate.